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June 8
Review for final

June 4
Unit test
Review vocab for final
Due Monday, June 8
Vocab for final all filled out
May 20
Ch. 32 translation
Review emperor hunt
Practice perfect passive system--quiz on Friday
Due Friday, May 22
quiz on perfect passive system
May 18
Perfect passive system
start ch. 32
Due Wednesday, May 20
First paragraph of ch. 32
May 14
Emperor work
Due Monday May 18
finish emperor hunt
May 12
Finish emperor hunt
Ch. 31
Perfect passive system
Due Thursday, May 14
May 8
Passive voice quiz
May 6
Reading quiz
Passive review--
present, imp., future
Start Gladiator
Due Friday, May 8
Passive voice quiz
May 4
Emperor Hunt
Finish Ch. 30
Due Wednesday, May 6
Reading--be ready for short comprehension quiz
April 30
Ch. 30 translation
Review passive voice
Due Monday, May 4
On handout, ex. 30g, # 1,2, and 3
April 28
Passive voice intro
Due Thursday, April 30
Ex. 30c in text. Numbers 3,4,7,8,9
April 16
Ovid: "How to get a date at a chariot race."
NONE--have a good break
April 14
Quiz corrections
Do each other's crosswords
Film on emperors after Augusuts
Due Thursday, April 16
April 10
Pronoun quest

April 8
Augustus crossword
Due Friday, April 10
Pronoun quest
April 6
Quiz 29
April 3
Review for quiz
Finish Augustus film
Due Tuesday, April 6
Quiz on Ch. 29
April 1
Chapter 29
Review for quiz
Due Monday, April 6
Prepare for chapter 29 reading quiz
March 30
Indefinite adjectives
Interrogative pronouns
Due Thursday April 2
Ch. 29, paragraph one--translate
March 27
test corrections

March 25
Relative clause quiz

March 23
Review relative clauses
Ch. 29
Augustus film
Due Wednesday, March 25
Relative clause quiz
March 17
Finish ch. 28
Relative clauses
Due after CEP
ex. 28d in textbook
March 12
Relative clauses
Due Tuesday, March 17
On handout, ex. 28 d--all four sentences on back. Make sure you read directions. There is a lot to do with each sentence.
March 4
Unit test--reading and writing
March 2
Review for unit test
Due Wednesday, March 4
Unit test
Feb. 26
Finish obit--20 minutes
Finish Ch. 27
Review for unit test
Due Monday, March 2
Review test completed
Feb. 24
Start JC obit
Ch. 27
Due Thursday, Feb. 26
Most of JC obit done. (you will have 20 minutes in class)
FEb 13
NONE--have a good vacation
Feb 11
Finish 26
Start 27
Caesar Film
Due Friday, Feb. 13
Feb 9
Translate rest of 26
Start obit
Due Wednesday, Feb 11
Feb 5
Timeline due
Ch. 26--find the verb
Due Monday, Feb. 9
Find the verb lines 1-10
Translate lines 1-5
February 3
Caesar timeline
Practice demonstrative pronouns
Due Thursday, Feb. 5
Caesar timeline due at start of class
Jan 30
Start Ch. 26
hic, haec, hoc and ille, illa, illud
Due Tuesday, February 3
26b, page 108, #s 1-4
Jan 28
Snow day

Jan. 26
Translate 25

4th and 5th declensions
Due Wednesday, January 28
Jan 22
Quiz on PP and FP
Finish Ch. 24
Caesar series

Jan 20
PP and FP--final review
Caesar series
Due Thursday, Jan 22
Quiz on formation of PP and FP
Jan 15
Finish Ch. 24
Review PP and FP
Due Tuesday, Jan 20
24 g--odds
Jan 13
PP and FP tenses
Ch. 24 sentences
Due Thursday, Jan 15
24 e and 24 f--odds
Jan 8
Start Julius Caesar Unit
Ch. 24
Due Thursday, Jan 15
24 e and 24 f--odds
Jan 6
Go over review
Unit test
Jan. 4
Review for unit reading test
Due Wednesday, January 6
HW review reading and questions
Prepare for unit reading test
Dec. 18
Present projects
Open book reading quiz
NONE--Have a great vacation
Dec. 16
Writing due
Future tense quiz
work on physical projects
Due Thursday, Dec. 18
Physical project--present
Reading quiz
Dec. 12
Finalize writing portion of project
Translate Ch. 23
Due Tuesday, Dec. 16
Final copy of writing
Quiz on future tense
Dec. 10
Future tense practice
Work on writing portion of project
Due Friday, Dec. 12
Writing portion of project completed and shared with Ms. Casey
Dec. 8
Future tense
Ch. 23
Work on projects
Due Wednesday, Dec. 10
Dec. 4
Third declension quiz
dative and ablative review
Start projects
Due Monday, Dec. 8
22i (hand out), numbers 1 and 2.
Dec. 2
Dative and ablative
Due Thursday, Dec. 4
Third declension quiz
Nov. 25
Second declension quiz
Nov. 21
First declension quiz
Due Tuesday, November 25:
2nd declension, masc. and neuter, quiz
Nov. 19
Lines 7-13 in Ch. 22 (to end of page one)
Do sentences on back page of packet.
Review first declension. Use this LINK
Due Friday, November 21
Quiz on first declension--know all endings and be able to list them on a sheet like our purple sheet.
Also---all work from time with sub due!
Nov. 17
Dative case intro and work
Ch. 22
Due Wednesday, Nov. 19
Any of the dative case work or ch. 22 lines 1-6 you did not do in class.
Nov. 13
Unit test: reading
Start Unit III
Due on Monday, Nov. 17:
Nov. 10
Unit test: writing
Due Thursday, November 13:
Unit test: reading
Nov. 6
More review: reading and writing
Due Monday, November 10
Unit test on Roman Republic Unit (Ch. 18-20): writing section
Nov. 4
Present projects
Writing review
Due Thursday, November 6:
sentences for last two pictures on hand out.
Oct 31
Projects finished in class
Review for unit test (quarter two grade)
Due Tuesday, November 4 (Election Day!!)
Republic projects
Oct 29
Quiz on perfect tense
Reading practice (for unit test)
Finish projects
Due Friday, Oct. 31
Work on projects at home, You will have 30 minutes in class
Oct 27
Ch. 20
final perfect tense review before quiz
work on projects
Due Wednesday, Oct. 29
Quiz on perfect tense
Oct. 23
Ch. 20
Practice perfect tense:
and here
Republic project start
Due Oct. 27
Lines 1-9 in Ch. 20
Beginning questions on figure in the Roman Republic (project)
Oct. 21
Finish Ch. 19
Start Roman Republic project
Work with perfect tense
Due Thursday, October 25
On hand out--write two sentences for each cartoon, one sentence with present tense, one with perfect.
Oct. 17
Chapter 19
Review perfect tense
Intro to hero project
Due Tuesday, Oct. 21
Lines 10-15 in chapter 19. Translate, identify verbs, and tell which tense the verb is in.
Oct. 15
Perfect tense intro
What is a hero?
Due Oct. 17
Second half of hand out from class
Also second hand I given in class
Oct. 10
Quiz--noun/adj agreement
Ch. 34
perfect tense
Due Oct. 15:
Oct 8
No Seniors
Go over HW--practice quiz and republic reading
Republic stories
Due Friday, Oct. 10:
Quiz on noun/adjective agreement--on Friday
KEY for practice quiz

More work with noun/adjective agreement--quiz next class
Due Wednesday, Oct 8
Quiz on noun/adjective agreement--on Friday
Practice quiz
Read hand out on Republic and answer questions
October 2
More work with 3rd declension adjectives
Roman Republic work
Due Monday, Oct. 6
Ex. 18c in packet--ODDS
Sept. 30
Finish Chapter 18
Noun/adjective agreement
For Thursday, Oct. 2:
In lines 13-14 in the Ch. 18 reading, find all the nouns. For each noun, add a third declension adjective. The adjectives from which to choose are:
fortis,-is,-e --strong
brevis, is, e--short
immobilis, -is, -e--motionless
incolumnis, --is, --e--safe
omnes, -es, a---all
Sept. 26
Translate 18
Review of irregular verbs
Monty Python clip
For Tuesday, Sept. 30
Lines 15-20 in Ch. 18
Sept 24
Chapter 18

Sept. 22
verb review
verb quiz
text books
HW for 9/22
Video assignment shared in class
Sept. 18
Verb review
Due Sept. 22:

Practice quiz (We will have verb quiz at the end of class)
Sept. 16
Verb review work
Name that tense
Roman city work
sept 12
Noun quiz
Start verb review
Start city project work
Read Districts and Landmarks and highlight all human-made landmarks
On back of note sheet from film, answer question: What did Augustus mean when he said "Construction is a political tool."
Sept. 10
Case usage: nom, acc., abl
Practice quiz
City work
Quiz on nouns next class: be able to recognize and use nom., acc., able of first, second, third declensions
Sept 8
Continue noun review
Name that case
Roman City reading and map work
Practice 6, page 6--odd numbers
Ablative review, section I
Sept 4
Start review
HW--Practice #4, page 5 of review packet
September 2
Intro to Latin II