Here is a doc. describing the test correction process for reading comprehension tests.

The information is also below:

Reading Comprehension Test Corrections

All reading comprehension test may be test corrected for half credit back. This is the process for test corrections:

On a separate piece of paper (typed or handwritten)

  1. List the question section and number. For example, II. 4.

  1. Next to that, write your incorrect answer. If your answer is long—several sentences or so, just summarize. For example—I said that Nero was the first emperor of Rome.

  1. Then list the correct answer. For example: Augustus was actually the first emperor of Rome.

  1. IMPORTANT—write the line number and sentence or phrase from the reading selection that proves your correct answer. For example: Line 3: Augustus erat primus imperator de Roma.

  1. Put your name at the top of the test corrections, staple them to the FRONT of your original test, and hand them all in to me.